Working for walkable, livable communities in Buffalo and Western New York

We live here. We love it. We want to make Western New York even better. Through practical education and positive action, we help local communities to be stronger socially and financially. We can help your community, too.


We sponsor and present educational programs, conferences, and trips, often with nationally and internationally known figures.

We specialize in tailored community presentations on land use, Smart Growth, and New Urbanism, and have a library of resources freely available to everyone, from elected leaders to average citizens.

In 2014, we hosted the 22nd annual Congress for the New Urbanism, bringing some of the world’s most innovative urban planners, developers, and municipal leaders to Buffalo.

Our Livable Community Awards recognize Western New Yorkers who have helped to make WNY communities better places to live.

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At the invitation of community groups or local officials, we sponsor public discussions on local land-use and development.

We act as a liaison between various communities and governments throughout our region, helping to promote and mediate conversations about regional planning issues.

We conduct active, participatory neighborhood walks on how to make a neighborhood more livable, sharing our volunteers’ expertise with everyone—local leaders, developers, municipal staff, and citizens alike.

These collaborative efforts help to build mutual trust and consensus among all community stakeholders.

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Strong leadership requires a strong vision. What’s your community’s vision? Are your local leaders prepared for the future? Most towns and cities aren’t ready to face today’s planning challenges, let alone tomorrow’s.

We are your neighbors throughout WNY, and we care about the quality and livability of our region just as deeply as you do.

If you’re ready, we can help you and your community develop a compelling vision for growth and development, including innovative implementation strategies.

With a little knowledge and inspiration, your community can become a leader in livability.

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